2020 Earning Info

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Why include Staff information? 

To display the trend between staff earnings and planter earnings. To see and compare averages. Staff make fair wages, consider the number of days worked and hours worked on a typical day. Staff at Next Gen earn day rates, which over the season amount to good seasonal earnings. Staff season averages are higher than all planting categories, but their day's wages are more regular with less fluctuation in either direction - no really big staff days exist. This is to both increase planter and staff understanding of pay between the two systems.

Why publish earnings in general? 

Next Gen offers no camp cost and a variety of land types and associated prices. This information is shared to demonstrate that people are making good wages while offering camp cost and working majority in faster, lower priced, ground (as compared to companies who only work in BC). We want to change the conversation in the industry from 'whats the base tree price' to 'what can be made in a season' and start to further the conversation towards the human side of planting. Those two points seem unrelated, however, if people never get passed 'base tree price' it is hard to have conversations around other, very important topics, to those who work in tree planting. 


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