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Next Gen is a Tree Planting company operated by a group of committed, passionate people. We are a family run business, but to stop there would miss a huge part of the picture. Next Gen’s character, strength and quality comes from our supervisors, cooks, planters and field staff. These people, together, make up Next Generation Reforestation.

We work mainly out of Bush Camps in Northern Alberta and BC.

There are 4 main camps. Generally we run about 40 planter camps. 

Our main work is Tree Planting, but also offer other Silviculture and Forest Tech Services. We prioritize providing work to the folks who plant with us.


Our wages are competitive, but that is not what defines us. We are a company guided by collaboration with supervisors, staff and planters. The owners have put a personal touch on operations for 40 years (2023 was the 40th season!). 


Our Team 

Meet the Management team. 

Why work with us

Our strength is in our people. Crew leadership is made up of professional and passionate supervisors. We have a consistently long seasons, with work in both BC and Alberta. See Working with NGR for more

We're working towards a work culture that allows employees and management to exit the season at least as healthy as they go into it. Ask us about it.

We’re looking for planters who strive for strong daily and seasonal earnings. Ideally, you enjoy working with us and want to come back. 

Check out some data here. 

 Next Generation is nothing without the people that make us up. We strive to put people first in planning, training and daily operations. 

Difficult conversations when things get tough are key. Not always easy, but important.


Apply for Planting 2024 

 2024 will see a fairly long season, with opportunity for experienced planters to start in BC and flow into AB


See more about our 2024 Season Details here.

Our largest interest is retaining planters from previous seasons. 

Also seeking planters new to Next Gen and people interested in Field and Kitchen Staff positions. If you are interested in a kitchen position, please email

As of Feb 20, 2024 we are no longer actively hiring - our camps are full! - however we do maintain a waitlist. You will be contracted if seats open up! 

Please click Waitlist below to submit your information. 

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