Next Gen is a Tree Planting company operated by a group of committed, passionate people. We are a family run business, but to stop there would miss a huge part of the picture. Next Gen’s character, strength and quality comes from its long term supervisors, cooks, planters and field staff. These people, together, make up Next Generation Reforestation.


Our wages are very competitive, but that is not what defines us. We are a people company, guided by good intention, forgiveness and collaboration. Owners Gord & Cathy have put a personal touch on operations for 35 years.

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Our Team 

Meet the people who make up the core of  Next Generation. 

Why work with us

Our strength is in our people. Crew leadership is made up of highly experienced, professional and passionate supervisors, staff and cooks. We have a consistently long seasons, with over 70 planting days of work in both BC and Alberta.

We’re looking for planters who are looking for strong seasonal earnings. Ideally you enjoy working with us and want to come back. 

Check out some neat data here. 

 We're working with planters and staff to define what the Next Generation of planting will look like. Our planning principles centre around clarity, accountability and increasing wellness. 

Also, the rumours are true, our food is outstanding.


Applications for 2021

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