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Our focus is beyond tree price. It is centered around creating healthy environments where people can thrive.

Creating the Next Generation
of tree planting

We want to address the ‘smoke and mirrors’ feel of our industry by offering clearer definitions of what we do as a company.  You can explore the website and below for who does what, why, and how. 


New for 2020 is a mandatory online employee orientation, establishing definition and rules to govern our respectful workplaces.   


We want to ensure our employees know they can affect change by offering ideas or submitting feedback.  Simple ways to connect with us include: speaking with Team Resources, writing a message in the chat box here, and filling out feedback surveys. 


Greater transparency in how we operate is our goal.

Moving forward into 2020 we are refocusing discussions and plans around clairity, accountability and wellness.


Accountability is when our actions are guided by our values.  It's when we do what we say we're going to do. We are focusing to uplevel our accountability across all levels of Next Gen in order to ensure a fair work environment.


We understand the toll that an intense planting season puts on individuals.  We aim to provide a supportive environment so that we all finish the season mentally and physically strong.


Some of our works-in-progress are:

  • Developing a trained, peer support network in camp.

  • More, real time off for staff.

  • Pulling some stress out of the system by providing more support to staff.  In turn, they can do the same for planters.

  • Working with clients to relieve time pressures on contracts so that short moves and working in horrendous weather can be minimized. 

Many of Next Gen’s staff have been working together for years. Across 18 key staff members there is an average of 13 years of experience running blocks and crews - apart from time on the shovel. 

Experienced Staff
Tree Planting Family

You will enjoy working with Next Gen if you are looking for a planting community. We work mainly in bush camps with great food and amenities.


We’re looking for experienced or new planters who are interested in a medium to long term working relationship.



Next Gen is working together with planters, staff, and managers to create a true safety culture. Our objective is that everyone understands their role and significance within the crew community. It also means people are held accountable in supporting safety-first decisions.


New for 2020 will be mandatory online employee orientation. This will outline uniform expectations across crews and individuals. Our hope is to increase clarity of expectation and comprehension of important safety points.  


Through meetings, conversations and feedback surveys, we ensure that all people who work with Next Gen have a voice and the ability to address any areas of concern. You can effect change in policy moving forward.

Partnership with Total Physio

An excellent physiotherapy office out of Smithers, BC, Total Physio is revolutionizing how planters deal with injury. The team at Total Physio has studied planting, its biomechanics and the etiology of its injuries. They have put together wonderful materials on how best to prepare for planting, effective and realistic ergonomics to prevent injuries and how to tape for both relative-rest and prevention of injury. A paragraph is not enough to describe the amazing work they are doing in silvicuture.


Next Gen is partnered with Total Physio. In this, we are able to provide  planters with pre-season materials to prepare for the season. Our first aiders are armed with game-changing taping techniques. Finally, this partnership allows for the ability to Skype with and consult  physios in their office. This facilitates accurate diagnoses of problems and accelerate return to full fitness.


Pre-season preparedness will be an emphasis moving into the 2020 season. Total Physio Resources will be available in the employee log-in zone of this website. 


Next Gen is known in the industry for its food. We have some of the best cooks around, generous portions and wonderful flavors.


Check out our instagram or the photo gallery to get an idea of what there is to offer.

In 2019 we saw the elimination of Camp Cost across our company. The food remained fantastic and our food budget is among the highest in the industry.

We have camps instead of crews

Many planting companies are organized in smaller crew units, six or ten packs run by one foreman. 


However, Next Gen does not have fixed crews. We organize planters around available trees. This maximizes productivity and efficiency.


Every morning there is a truck board, similar to the one shown here, letting you know your location,  transportation and field staff for the day.

Piece Rates

Prices with Next Gen range from 11 to 19 cents, depending on the contract, ground and specifications.

A person can reasonably expect to put in between 2500-5000 trees at 11 cents in flat Alberta ground with no rocks and simple specs; and about 1500-3000 trees in 18 cent tougher, technical BC ground. 

For a more well-rounded look at earnings, please click here.

Vacation & Stat pay On Top of Tree Price

Vacation and Statutory Holiday Pay is calculated on top of tree prices – lets take, for example, a 13 cent tree. When payroll is processed, an additional 4% vacation pay will be added on to your earnings. This comes to about 13.52 cents per tree. 

Statutory Holiday pay is also over and above the tree price. Statutory Pay is calculated as determined by the province and paid within the pay period in which a holiday falls. Typically, Stat Pay can be estimated at 2% of earnings. So, our 13 cent tree example comes to 13.78 cents with vacation and stat pay. 



Incentive for Returning Employees

Planters who have worked with Next Gen in the past, for any length of time,  and are returning for the 2020 season will receive a one cent loyalty bonus per tree above the tree price.

Long term employees make a real difference to our operations. This is a form of financial appreciation.

The bonus is compounded once a month and is deposited separately from payroll.

In order to be eligible, start planting with us within the first week of our start date.

To continue with the example price from above, this brings the 13 cent tree to 14.78 - if anyone is keeping track.

Please note earnings information on the website does NOT include the loyalty bonus. This is a true bonus and planter earnings remain competitive without it. 


No Camp Costs 

In 2019, Next Gen was a pioneer in our decision to abolish Camp Costs. 

For the decades that tree planting has been around, so too have camp costs - a daily deduction from wages to cover the cost of food.  But 2019 was a historical year.  With a push from planters and the industry as a whole, there is a major shift towards a fairer workplace. This will align planting with all other remote-based industries, a huge step for everyone in silvicuture.

Elimination of camp cost will keep thousands of dollars in the pockets of planters and staff - totalling over $ 2000 in an average season.

The fine print of our policy is that if someone doesn't go to work on a planting day, they will be charged Camp Costs of $25 for that day.


Some Fine Print—to be up front

Layoffs—contracts in 2020 will specify a beginning and end date. This will be from the first day of work to August 8. We are not able to provide layoffs before this date, unless contracts are finished prior to it.

Probation period—planters will begin the season with a three week probationary period.


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