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Gord & Cathy Hall of Fame

Blast from the past :

Nominated by: Monty Larson Date Added : May 2007

Gord Sheepwash and Cathy Newhook, from Next Generation Reforestation, for being planters, then finding their niche as contractors, and for the many years of small company fun. They have basically raised and home schooled their kids in camp and around planters which is a stupendous feat just by itself. I am sure anyone who knows these two will have more than a few words to ad to this. They have endured through so much total insanity, and given so many people breaks. They are a larger company now, obviously.

Second Nomination by: Scott Chisholm (

It was not my place to initially nominate Cathy and Gordon, but I will surely second it.

I did not plant for their company (NGR) but I have interviewed many of their planters through the professional services that I offer to industry and I have met a few more through the website.

What I know is that these people run a great company and that they are superb people that everybody should have the pleasure to meet – and better yet, work with.

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